Release coming soon; we appreciate your patience.

Dear Friends and Colleagues!

We know you need 247 to start the order processing ASAP. We understand how badly you need it and do all we can to make it happen fast.

However, circumstances oblige us to postpone the release for a few months. There are two reasons:

  • After doing certain tests and probes in a demo environment, we decided to rewrite some Services (independent applications running in synergy to power the 247: Platform & App) using more appropriate tech stack. API First Approach & MicroServices Architecture allow us to do such things easily, but since we are the Startup, yet without the revenue, we are on a (tight) budget right now and our Team is not so big, yet. That's a main reason for the delay.
  • There are some bureaucratic matters we need to take care of before signing the contracts with the Payment Processors (and we are working on something great here). Nothing really hard to solve, but it takes time.

So please, be patient and we promise - you won't be disappointed! The new Platform is awesome and we can't wait to show it to the world. We'll start enabling the features step by step, as promised. We need a few months to set everything up, so the release should finally happen Q3-Q4. We'll make 0% fees (our) for first 2 months as some form of compensation for the delay and appreciation of your patience. Thanks for all the kind words and your blessings, it really helps!  

All the best, Anton Vereshchagin, the Founder, on behalf of the whole IME GROUP.

Published 29.07.2018 You can also read Press about us