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Dear Community,

Today is a very special day. Some parts of the world are celebrating the "Old New Year"; some - the Makar Sankranti. We celebrate it by changing something old and outdated to the new and shiny one.

Let us introduce you our brand new HelpDesk live @ i.247exchange.com. The work is still in progress, a lot of new articles will be added; especially during the next two months. We are creating an outstanding Product with tons of features, and our helpdesk will introduce everything to the ones who want to know all in details.

Besides the new, helpful and fun Articles on i.247 you can find:

  • Live Chat with our Customer Care team and even the Management, if you have something special in mind. Requests will be answered 24/7 in due time, once we launch the orders processing, account verification, etc.
  • Handy Operator Bot that lives @ Chat and can assist you to find an answer while the human operators haven't yet answered you.

Last but not least, this HelpDesk is a big part of the "memory" of 247 | Persona, your personal assistant. Meet "TwentyFour/Seven"; you can call her "Tee". She will be your guide at 247, helping you before the human staff can even click the "reply" button! You can find her in the picture above and soon @ 247exchange.com

Thanks for being with us! Always yours,
InterMoney Exchange Team and 247.

Published : 14.02.2018 You can also read Press about us