Our wishes and Presents for You in 2018

Dear Community,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Christmas is time for Family, Gifts, and Plans for the coming New Year. We treat our Community as a family. Everyone will get his Gift!

Since we are multi-ethnic and everyone has something special, we can't celebrate such Events respecting only European Christmas traditions. So we'll pick our favorites: the "best of the best" from different cultures to celebrate the New Year in 247-style!

  • 'What gift I'd get?', you may ask. Well, the first surprise is that there are many. We'll follow Hanukkah approach to gift traditions, but not strictly: the presents will be given during the whole year, especially the first three months!

Next coming:

  • January: Christians are celebrating New Year worldwide and some - Christmas. This month 247: Persona will come out, she's very helpful and friendly, you'd love her! Her domain: the new and shiny Helpdesk for all of us & Wikis for those who enjoy reading, will be presented this month as well. There is also another surprise, web developers will enjoy it most of all.
  • February: the month of Chinese New Year. It's a year of the Dog, and the one will join! He'll bring you something priceless in his teeth: the Token. This month we'll announce all the details about the Crowdfunding Campaign and this is when a third, the greatest, most appreciated surprise is coming. Please be patient, you'll remember our Crowdfunding Campaign, we promise!

The original plan was to start the Campaign earlier, but since we get so much interest from VCs, Angels, and wannabes - our Customers, Partners, Friends, etc. - we decided to take an additional time to choose the best Platform and take care of some very important things first...

My personal priority is the Product I'd love to use every day (and I will!) rather than a pile of cash ASAP, so the Campaign will start a bit later than some were expecting. I'm sure you'll understand. Anton, the Founder

  • March: Nowruz, the Persian New Year. We'll announce the Release Date, it'd likely be some near or exactly during this wonderful season!

We hope you like presents same we like to give ones, stay tuned!

All the best, Anton Vereshchagin, founder,
InterMoney Exchange team and 247 (Persona & the Dog, too!)

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