api.247exchange.com & wiki announcement

Dear Colleagues,

First of all, I want to personally thank everyone interested in getting the access to our API. Since the number of requests was rather impressive, we decided to share access to the Developers Portal at an early stage.

Let me say few words about our API first:

   The 247exchange Platform is the combination of a powerful and flexible RESTful API and a set of client applications, running in synergy. We build 247 using the «API First» design and microservice architecture. The 247exchange.com website/app uses the CORE API as well as all future websites and apps coming next years.

We welcome all independent developers to use our API! Although we can't provide everyone with an access to all the methods (I'm sure you understand), the Public API methods are already available.

Right now when I'm writing this, our Team is working on the api.247exchange.com visual and other improvements. You will be impressed how easy it is to develop all kinds of apps and websites using our API. I'm personally responsible for a big part of the business logic and would love to hear what do you think!

Some of the API Documentation is already available at Swagger, we strengthen it additionally with the ReDoc; please check api.247 again in few days, you'd love it! Additional documentation, like the Error Codes (and how to use it to fix errors!), etc. awaits on our wiki.

Last but not least, wiki.247 is already up and running; it has a lot of interesting information. We keep updating it every day, some categories are publicly available. We'll release and announce the details soon!

We'll post an update at social networks once we are ready with the full documentation; design and other enhancements. And of course, you are most welcome to check what we already have @ api.247exchange.com & wiki.247exchange.com!

Always yours, Anton Vereshchagin, founder,
InterMoney Exchange team and 247

Published 31.01.2018 You can also read Press about us