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The history of Litecoin started in 2011 when financial expert Charles Lee, a former employee of Google inspired by the idea of Bitcoin, decided to create an alternative cryptocurrency. Litecoin was created on the basis of the Bitcoin protocol and has all the key features of bitcoin: it is decentralized, it has no issuance center or regulatory administrative center, and it provides the opportunity to verify transactions through Blockchain, etc.

At the same time, Litecoin has three important features that differentiate it from Bitcoin.

Differences from Bitcoin

  • An original algorithm for block computation, which results in a mining process different from bitcoin's one;
  • A shorter transaction process, which allows for money transfers 4 times faster than bitcoin;
  • A maximum amount of coins that is 4 times larger (the total issuance limit is 84 million).

The reason for the faster transaction processing is that with litecoin, block processing is done every 2.5 minutes, while with bitcoin it is made only once every 10 minutes. This is an important benefit, and this may be the reason that many sources have claimed that litecoin will become the alternative to bitcoin in the future.

The official client program distributed for digital currency transactions is open-source. This was a modification of the Bitcoin-Qt client software (the so-called fork), with some technical differences in the duration of block generation and in the hashing algorithm, as well some minor changes in the graphical interface. Since then, many modifications have been released, as well as alternative client software, including the unofficial version of the Android client software and the official version of the Electrum client software.

At present, Litecoin continues its development. Litecoin creator Charlie Lee has left Coinbase to work on his creation full-time in June 2017. The move was the second major event for the Litecoin community since SegWit activation caused a giant price rise in May of the same year. Due to these efforts, Litecoin became the star of altcoin markets, regularly outperforming other top 10 assets and bucking downward trends. Also, the first ever off-chain atomic swap between Bitcoin and Litecoin has been successfully completed in November, 2017. This system allows users willing to connect between chains the opportunity to pass cryptocurrencies without having to wait for the on-chain confirmations, and with far lower fees. This connection produces incredibly faster transactions for Bitcoin, as well as a simple but elegant solution to the ongoing scaling debate among enthusiasts.
Litecoin is much more popular than the other alternative cryptocurrencies, statistics show that litecoins have become much more useful for transactions. It is traded much more often on exchanges, both for fiat currency and for btc. The currency rate has begun to rise, which has attracted increased attention from the media, as it is regarded as a real alternative to bitcoin. If you are looking for a cheaper and faster payment method, as opposed to Bitcoin, Litecoin can be the answer!

How to buy and sell Litecoin

  • Methods of purchasing Litecoin. Our exchange offers you opportunity to deposit to Litecoin wallet with credit/debit card, cash deposits, bank transactions in USD, euros or other currency as a payment method. We have accounts in the most popular banks with thousands of branches in European Union and other countries. You will always find the most convenient way to fund your account! Soon other ways to buy litecoins will be also added. Please check our new offers!
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  • Metods of converting Litecoin. You can exchange LTC to BTC or make a conversion into any other digital currency.

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