Our company offers many ways of buying, selling and exchanging bitcoins. It has never been easier to buy bitcoins at a reputable compliant company in any way that is convenient for you at any time of day and night! Let's take a closer look at this cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is the most widespread and best known virtual currency. It is a peer to peer, "decentralized" payment. The system was developed in 2009 by several enthusiastic programmers (experts in cryptography and distributed computing systems such as Satoshi Nakamoto, Gavin Andresen, and others), it was not taken seriously until 2011 when its rate increased significantly. This was due to the noticeable growth in the number of users. Since then the system has been rapidly gaining popularity, and now Bitcoin prices are soaring new highs. 

Bitcoin specification

  • Decentralized p2p architecture. The whole network is involved in the processing of transactions; everyone can share the power of their own computers to help in making payments, and get a reward for this. In this way, the system is protected from any attempt to stop its functioning, as this can be achieved only by stopping the millions of computers participating in the computation. The system exists outside the legal environment of any jurisdiction, and it is not regulated by anybody or anything.
  • There is no issuance center. In any centralized system, the issuance of "new money" is done by an organization controlled by a payment systems administration, and that carries significant risks. The administration may uncontrollably "print currency" that is unsecured, and if the issuing center has any legal or financial problems, users’ accounts may be blocked. Bitcoin is entirely free from these risks, since the currency is issued under a known frequency, and all newly generated funds are distributed among all the users involved in the processing of transactions.
  • The rate is independent of other currencies, gold, etc. The internal currency system is BTC (XBT), which is a virtual currency whose rate is determined by the results of trades between the users. No traditional economic crisis can have a significant impact on the exchange rate, and in the long term, it has been constantly growing. The total issuance is limited - no more than 21,000,000 BTC can circulate (it is estimated that this figure will be reached in 2033). Thus, the currency's value increases over time like precious metals do. For instance, one of bitcoin's forum users bought two pizza for 10,000 coins in 2010, and by the end of 2017, this amount cost over $100 million!

Bitcoin advantages

  • Irrevocable transactions. Money transfers within the system are final and irrevocable, and since there is no administrative organization, no one can cancel your transaction, even theoretically. If you have received a payment, nobody will be able to return the money under any circumstances, and this makes Bitcoin an ideal system for e-commerce.
  • Pseudonymity and availability for users around the world. Absolutely any Internet user can become a Bitcoin customer. You just need to download the official client-side program or register with an independent Bitcoin-wallet service. If you want you can be completely anonymous, but in fact, contrary to rumors, there is no anonymity by default.
  • No fees. Bitcoin is the only payment system in the world where all internal transfers are free. If you wish, you can add a small fee, in which case your payment will be processed faster, but this is optional.
  • Ample opportunities for ensuring account security and ease of use. For maximum protection of your funds from theft, you can encrypt your key file or use one of the many solutions offered by independent developers. Bitcoin is the only payment system, which allows you to deal both with official clients and many alternative clients, and this provides great opportunities and a more convenient interface.
  • Today bitcoin is widely used as a powerful payment instrument around the world. Using bitcoins you can buy almost any goods from food and clothes to elite realty, luxurious yachts, and cars. Many e-shops, merchants and various services accept btc and this list is growing every day. You can easily top up mobile in any part of the world, pay for online games and other services.

Bitcoin is not just a trendsetter, ushering in a wave of cryptocurrencies built on the decentralized peer-to-peer network, it’s become the de facto standard for cryptocurrencies. The currencies inspired by Bitcoin are collectively called altcoins and have tried to present themselves as modified or improved versions of Bitcoin. Some of these currencies, like Litecoin etc., are easier to mine than Bitcoin is; have a faster block generation rate and hence offer a faster transaction confirmation. Another cryptocurrency, Ethereum, features its own Turing complete internal code, which means that anything can be calculated with enough computing power and enough time. Bitcoin does not have this capability. Moreover, bitcoin blockchain has forked several times over the course of the technology’s existence. In this way, Bitcoin Cash, the alternative version of the bitcoin protocol, was launched as the result of a hard fork that took place in August 2017. Bitcoin Gold is the second project to fork away from the Bitcoin blockchain to create a new coin. Therefore, other than developers, there are a growing number of merchants who accept other digital currencies more willingly.

Bitcoin and 247exchange

We have an extremely wide range of payment and withdrawal methods. Also, the number of online (and offline!) stores accepting this currency has been constantly growing. By using our exchange service, you will be able:

  • To buy bitcoin (deposit to bitcoin wallet) using credit/debit card, local and international bank wire transfer, SEPA transfer, cash deposit at 400,000 locations worldwide, instant money transfer and other methods.
  • To sell bitcoins (withdraw funds from Bitcoin account) for dollars, euros, etc. We work with the major banks in the European Union and many other jurisdictions. We provide the fastest and most convenient way to withdraw Bitcoins!
  • To convert Bitcoin to Litecoins and other digital currencies at the best terms and in the shortest possible time!

Our rate is based on the rates of major stock exchanges, and it is the closest to the market price. We update the rate every 15 seconds, so you can always buy or sell Bitcoin at the best prices! The process of purchasing, selling or exchanging is simplified as much as possible, and it is much faster and more convenient than stock exchanges and competing services.

Why us?

You can hardly find another payment system that is so transparent and provides so many alternatives! There are many good reasons for you to choose our service to exchange Bitcoin:

  • We are a reputable compliant company. You have no need to worry about the safety of your money!
  • Round-the-clock support in different languages, with no downtime or days off. Our qualified specialists will be glad to help you resolve any problem!
  • New payment methods are added regularly. We already support bank transfer (international and local bank payments all around the world), credit card, instant transfers, cash deposit. In the near future, SMS and many other payment methods will be available for deposits and withdrawals.
  • An advanced support system and a convenient user-friendly website. You don't need to be an IT expert to top up your bitcoin account or withdraw Bitcoins. Any person who is able to use the Internet at the beginner level can easily make a transaction or payment. In case of any problems, there is an extensive help system with videos, live chat and other means of communication with our multi-language support.
  • The best bitcoin exchange rates and low tariffs. Our Bitcoin exchange rate is calculated on the basis of the market price, and it is updated every 15 seconds. Our fees are kept at the minimum, and we comply with the KYC policy, which significantly reduces risks and allows us to work with banks transparently.
  • Regular promotion events and special offers. We always try to offer you interesting and advantageous terms, and we regularly hold various sales and much more. We benefit from your prosperity!

Bitcoin is the most promising and the most popular digital currency. If you are interested in learning more about its features, we recommend you to read websites on the topic. We hope you will choose our service to be your permanent partner for exchanging bitcoins, and we will do our best to ensure that you will not be disappointed!

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