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Credit/debit card limits

Dear Customer, according to our Know Your Customer (KYC) policy, we have the following limits for credit/debit card purchases:

Daily (24h)
Time required
Level 1 "Guest"
Level 2 "Starter"
15 days
Level 3 "Take-off"
15 days
Level 4 "Height"
30 days
Level 5 "Sky"
30 days
Level 6 "Space"
30 days
Level 7 "Super-power"
30 days

The limits are calculated in different currencies, although we provided the USD equivalent in this table. You'll find the details about your limits on your Profile page.

A starting purchase limit will be assigned by our smart Dynamic Purchase Limits System automatically, basing on your User Status and other factors. One of the key factors is Social Authorization @ 247. If you link your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. accounts with 247 User Profile, you may expect a nice raise during the next update! That's the reason our rocket above has these icons. We are not affiliated with any Social Networks, but we encourage you to use these amazing opportunities to reach the new heights! Please read the article about our new Limits System at the Helpdesk.

After some days of using your card with us, your limits will increase automatically. For example, starting limit may usual be $100 for new users (daily and monthly). It will be raised to $150 daily and $300 monthly if you buy at least for $50 within 15 days. The next limit level ($250/500) will be achieved after other 15 days (you should spend at least $100 during that period), etc. The idea is simple: the longer you use your card with us, the more you can buy! You'll be notified by email about your limit upgrade.

All the information about your current and next limits, requirements etc. is available from your Personal Account, please see "Cards, accounts & limits". If you think that your limit is too low, you can always request its raise in your Profile. But in this case, our staff may ask you to pass through additional identification procedures.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Support team, if you have any questions, or something is unclear. We are here to help you!

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